Insurance Program and Pool Development

Insurance program development is at the heart of what makes the Ballator Group of Companies unique in the insurance industry. Our desire and willingness to start new and innovative insurance programs set us apart from the ordinary. You deserve to have cost-effective, quality options when selecting an insurance program, and we deliver.

Insurance pooling is an extremely efficient mechanism for niche industry groups to purchase their insurance. By negotiating on behalf of many, our staff can get better terms and conditions for a group than when attempted alone. Because of the legal and technical requirements to start new pools, most insurance organizations don’t even try. Ballator Insurance Group and our staff are the undisputed leaders in this field.

Insurance Data Management Services

Ballator Insurance Group has a state of the art, patented technology platform in RiskMD that allows our team to be the leader when it comes to data management and analytics. For additional information please visit RiskMD.

Underwriting and Administrative Services

Innovative and alternative insurance programs have unique service requirements. The Ballator Group strives to attract the most qualified people in the industry who underwrite and provide services to the organizations we work with. Our staff has hundreds of years of combined experience in a variety of industries, and our actuaries, accountants, claims and legal teams are second to none.

Legislative Initiatives

This is a service that is “one of a kind” within the insurance industry. Ballator personnel work with lobbyists and State lawmakers to enact legislation that is beneficial to the entities and industries we serve. Often the legislation authorizes new insurance pooling that allows our clients greater savings than traditional products while providing better protection for their organizations.

Retail Insurance Agency Services

Ballator Insurance Group offers complete retail agency solutions to specialty industry groups. The retail agency services team is able to take advantage of the institutional knowledge and expertise across the Ballator team to better serve its clients.

Excess Placement Specialists

Ballator companies and employees are industry leaders at placing the excess or reinsurance required of clients in the niches we serve. We use only “A” rated, financially sound insurance carriers in our programs, so that you can rest assured you have the best protection available.